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The following are just a few testimonials for our company, products and farriers that are trained in our philosophy and hoof care approach.


Dear Chad,

     I wanted to let you and your family know how you've helped us.

     I have been trying for several months now to convince my dear elderly friend that her beloved little horse had Cushing's.  I tried in vain, and finally the mare foundered.  I tried to convince them to try clogs on her, because my 29 year old Arab Cushing's mare got three more great happy and painless years from them some time back (and we did NOT lose her to founder, she de-rotated in six months and was in normal shoes to the day she died).  After several shoe jobs, wedges, pads, you name it, very expensive padded boots, and everything else just made her worse I finally looked up your company online and ordered them for her, along with the medicated cushion material and the other compound, and the plates.  They came with instructions (and hardware, thank you, it is very hard to find Teflon screws I discovered) and a great farrier offered to put them on.  He was not very familiar with putting on clogs but totally understood the concept and knew of the value of them.  He referred to the instructions and it was a very easy job all in all. The poor horse was in too much pain to do anything but rock and lean, even with medication---but she let us get the first one on, and lo and behold---she was able to stand comfortably on the finished foot to allow the second to be done.  Today, the next day, she was outside for the first time in weeks screeching for her breakfast.  She walked around all day enjoying her new "feet" and tonight when I went in to check her a bit (we had changed her angles quite a bit, removing all the unnecessary heel and such) and bent down to look, she handed me her foot with no hesitation and no fear.  And NO PAIN.

     You folks are working miracles every day, one horse at a time.  I'm proud to say Brett Ovnicek has been my shoer over the years and has recently brought my old retired Tennessee Walker back to the trails after almost five years of stumbling and discomfort, and your sliders are on a dear 32-year-old Cushing's Gelding that it is my honor to know and love, and keeping him going strong.  Amazing.  Thank you and thank God you're there for our horses (and for us, because where would we be without our horses?)!

     I would also love to thank the lady who helped me place my order over the phone--she was knowledgeable, patient, kind and caring.  She helped us get our product as quickly and inexpensively as possible and I was shocked at how much I was able to save with her help.  I believe her name was Carrie, I am sorry but I am older myself and have a terrible memory; at any rate, she helped save this horse's life just as well.  God bless you all!



~ Adela H.  - Rathdrum, ID


Dear NB Hoof Care,

     I would like to let you know how happy I am with my transition to NBHC! I watch your segment on RFD regularly and decided to give your methods a try, and I think  it was the best thing I could have ever done for my horse.  When I purchased my horse seven years ago he was recovering from onychomycosis and I was told that he had shelly feet and could never go without shoes. So I found the most reputable (and traditional) farrier I could so I could best take care of my horse, and I could have piece of mind thinking that he was in good hands. 

     Over those seven years, my horse's feet had been reasonable with only occasional lameness.  It wasn't until my old farrier witched to box shoes from hand made ones that my horse remained  lame for a year after the trailers (were for support) on his front foot became hooked on his back foot when he got up, wrenching his pastern. After much frustration, my discovery of NBHC, and the help of Dave Whitaker my horse is now sound after his first trimming!  What I think is the most significant indicator of my horse's comfort is that his severally swollen windpuffs have been diminished by half within the first two weeks post trimming. His feet look great and we both couldn't be happier. We are back to riding again and hope that we can make up for lost time. We look forward to working with Dave in the future and recommend him highly to anyone who wants to transition to natural hoof care!

     Thank you so much for your hard work!

~Taryn & Gray


Hello Gene,

     I brought my andalusian gelding to you beginning of april (from the santa fe area) for an evaluation and shoeing. Right after that I had to leave for 10 days and when I came back from my trip I had a different horse: his stride has become longer, his movements fluid and round, no more hesitations over the footing -  he is just a happy camper.  And you can imagine how happy I am !!

     I am so glad I made the trip and grateful to having found the natural balance system. Thank you so much for giving me my horse back!

~ Claudia & Socorro


Just wanted you guys to know that WMA Lightfoot+// was named 2002 IAHA Arabian 50 mile Endurance Horse of the Year at the recent AERC Convention in Chattanooga, TN. He completed 1000 miles last year --- all on Natural Balance Shoes or Natural Balance Polysteel shoes.

~ Sherrie


I have had my mare Treasure in NBS since she has been showing. She has NEVER taken a lame step in 8 years. She has been an Open Pleasure and Trail Champion is an AQHA Champion,ROM Open and Amateur Halter Champion,ROM Amateur Performance Champion. And she must have NBS shoes on her front feet when she is in her last months of foaling due to her increased weight.I also have an AQHA Superior Trail,ROM Open and Amateur Performance Champion, World Qualifier who is 7 years old and has had NBS on since he was 3 years old and has never taken a lame step in four years on the road.He did all that when he was 4 and 5. He is still in NBS as well as Treasure. I have a yearling and when he is ready he will also be in NBS. Patty Stiller shod all my Champions and I just wish she was back in California to continue. We are very lucky to have another young farrier she trained to carry on in her place. If anyone ever had problems with the shoes they obviouly had problems with their farrier. Sorry, but the proof is in the show pen with me.

~ Regards, Mimi


After numerous (ten) different farriers, five abscesses later, tripping and over newest farrier put on the Natural Balance shoes along with the correct trim (never takes off any sole) and my horse is the best ever!!! Never trips, never over reaches and moves beautifully!  Our first horse show and he won his class!  Thanks!

~ Audrey


Just wanted to let you know we trimmed and reset my foundered Cushings mare per your recommendation in the NB shoe with the wedge pad and the magic cushion.  My farrier did a great job, he was really pleased with the trim and the shoe itself and my vet was impressed as well.  As for the mare, she is moving GREAT!  We thought she might be really pacey with the toes backed up that far (she's a TWH and always been on the pacey side), but she's actually squared up some and gaiting better than ever.  She's also running around the pasture like a nut!  Just wanted to give you the update.

Thanks for all your help.  ~ Terri

Gene and Cody,

Hope this finds you all well and ready to enjoy the holidays.  My greatest gift this year is going to have to be meeting you, Gene, and having an open enough mind to listen and watch objectively at your clinic in Maine.


Kitty's horse, the black 1/4 horse from the clinic, is doing great! I have him out of the EDSS system and back in Aluminum NB shoes w/ the degree FSP. Amazing progress.


I have another 1/4 horse diagnosed a grade 2 navicular mare in her second reset, similar to above, and being ridden soundly! This mare could barley stand when I took her over.


My wife's Morgan who has been in theraputic shoes for the last 4 years due to a side bone issue is barefoot and moving like he's a youngster again.......


And, I just took over another chronically sore and lame horse this week who was shod very long and low. The owner wanted desperately to try barefoot this winter though he hadn't been able to for three years. After pulling and trimming to NB paramenters, I get a call the next day that he is running, trotting, and eager to move like she hasn't seen in years.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to share and learn what you have developed. It certainly has changed the way I look at every horses foot.


Happy Holidays!  ~ Dave



I have a mare that had the EDSS put on in the summer of 1998 at a clinic in Rock Springs,Wy.  She is a barrel horse and had become completely lame.  I had begun to wonder if she was done.  A year later she is running as tough as she ever has.  I wanted to thank you for her soundness.

Thanks,  ~ Joy


I can't thank you enough for the invitation to attend the Gene Ovnicek clinic today. It's probably the best thing I have ever done and will ever do for my horses. I've always been very interested in Natural Balance shoeing. This clinic was a real treat!

Thank you.   ~ Amber


The best shoe I have ever used ! I started shoeing a hores with navicular. The vets said to retire it. The owner just wanted me to make the horse comfortable. To make a long story short I used your shoes and now the horse is back competing in Hunter Jumper shows.


~ T.D.

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