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Our Story

Equine Digit Support System, Inc. is a U.S. based family owned company that specializes in providing the best hoof care products and information available today.  To learn more, click on one of the titles below for more detail.

            GENE OVNICEK


Gene Ovnicek is nationally and internationally recognized as a farrier, clinician and researcher.  A pioneer in the study of wild horse hoof form and function, Gene has combined his over 50 years of farrier experience with the information from other scientific research as a foundation for treating and preventing equine lameness.  Gene has been involved in research projects with Dr. Robert Bowker of Michigan State University and Dr. Barbara Page of the Equine Wellness Foundation, and currently works with the research studies conducted by the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization.  (More...)

            EDSS HISTORY


Equine Digit Support System, Inc. is a family business that started in 1995 in Columbia Falls, Montana. After studies on wild (feral) horses hoof patterns in 1986 and 1987, Gene Ovnicek developed the World Race Plate, which is now manufactured and distributed by Thoro'Bred Racing Plate Company. After several years of continued research and development, Gene designed a system for treating lower limb equine pathologies. The resulting Equine Digit Support System and comprehensive instruction material proved to be one of the most effective tools for treating a multitude of lameness conditions and often times returning horses to a pre-disease condition. (More...)

            EDSS FUTURE


Equine Digit Support System, Inc. is constantly striving to improve the products and services we currently offer, as well as create and push the envelope of what is possible in the hoof care industry.  For 20 years we have brought products and information to the equine market that are either a new approach to a common problem, improvements on old products, or just repurposing of concepts that have been overlooked in recent times.  Along with that innovators mindset comes a reputation and track record for being leaders in the marketplace.  We offer excellent service to our customers and great education and support for our products. (More...)

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