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Printable Instruction Guides


Click on the title or image to view/print/download the Instruction Guide for the products below.  The files are .pdf documents, so you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. It is free and can be downloaded here.

This 4 page document is a the standard hoof preparation and shoe placement guidelines for many of the products we produce and sell.

- Natural Balance® Shoes

- Centre Fit™ Shoes

- PLR & PLR Race Shoes

- Vulcan™ RM & Blenkinsop Shoes

- PROfile™ Shoes

- TK Sliders

This 4 page document offers detailed instructions for applying the EDSS Styrofoam Support Blocks to feet affected by acute Laminitis & Founder, as well as other acute hoof/sole pain issues.

This 4 page document offers basic guidelines for applying the EDSS/Steward Clogs™ using either Screws & Glue or Nails.  The Clog™ is a great tool for treating:

- Laminitis/Founder

- Ring Bone

- Collateral Ligament Tears/Strains

- Severe Navicular Disease

- Any pathology where Caudal Support & Leverage Reduction is needed

This 7 page document offers details on successfully applying the TK Sliders.  You will get hoof preparation guidelines, shoe fitting tips and several photos to help along the way.

This 1 page document offers tips for fitting and applying the PolySteel® Plastic Natural Balance shoes.  It includes basic hoof prep suggestions, fitting guidelines and application tips.

This 12 page document offers a detailed overview of the process of applying the EDSS Treatment System.  It includes guidelines for hoof preparation, shoe fitting & and adjustments with Rails & Frog Inserts.

This 1 page document offers some basic guidelines for evaluating anterior/posterior (front to back) hoof balance from a sole view.

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