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The Future of EDSS


Equine Digit Support System, Inc. is constantly striving to improve the products and services we currently offer, as well as create and push the envelope of what is possible in the hoof care industry.  For 20 years we have brought products and information to the equine market that are either a new approach to a common problem, improvements on old products, or just repurposing of concepts that have been overlooked in recent times.  Along with that innovators mindset comes a reputation and track record for being leaders in the marketplace.  We offer excellent service to our customers and great education and support for our products.  With that we are constantly approached by new companies or companies with new products that would like for us to be a part of their jouney in the hoof care industry.  For many of those companies and products that we see the same innovative spark and complimentary philosophy we are happy to join forces as primary U.S. Distributors.  We have taken on several major brands and products over the last few years and we look to continue to be a primary source for all the latest and greatest hoof care products available that help treat lameness and keep horses sound!

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