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Instruction & Training Information

Below are links to several options for obtaining product and general instruction/training from EDSS.  Please check out all section for a variety of informational opportunities.



We have always worked diligently to insure that we support our products with proper instructions and application guides.  From this page you will be able to view/download/print most of the guides currently available for the products offered by EDSS.


We have produced many informational, instruction and training videos over the years that compliment the use of many of our products.  Included here are a selection of those videos to help guide you in the use of our products, as well as offer great educational insight into foot preparation and basic hoof care.

           HOOFCARETODAY.COM (RFDTV & Online Video Site) is a website that hosts a large number of informational and educational videos that have been featured on RFDTV (with Rick Lamb & Dennis Reis), as well as original content intended to support those programs.



From day one, we have preached about the importance of good hoof trimming and foot preparation as the key to ALL lameness treatment and performance improvment applications. These educational materials offer the basics and the foundation for that understanding, and improve your ability to maintain soundness in horses.



EDSS and Gene Ovnicek host many different types of clinics and workshops throughout the year.  Live demonstrations, Powerpoint lectures and hands-on training are a key component to successful application of some of our products and we work hard to provide those opportunities.



If you are interested in learning the farrier trade, with a basis around the principles we offer, there are a few different schools that we can recommend. 

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