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From day one, Equine Digit Support System, Inc. and Gene Ovnicek have preached about the importance of good hoof trimming and foot preparation as the key to ALL lameness treatment and performance improvment applications.  While there are many design features and unique options we provide within our products, it is the understanding of hoof anatomy, equine biomechanics and recognizing & dealing with hoof distortions that will help get and keep horses sound.  These educational materials offer the basics and the foundation for that understanding and improve your ability to maintain soundness in horses.

Review (5 Starts) - Excellent Product


Finally, I have the information presented in an understandable way. I have a ton of books and DVD's, countless hours of searching the web trying to learn about natural hoof care. And every time I run into the same problem, professionals explaining things that are obvious to them, but not to the reader. If one would want to learn from these materials, it would take hours of 'translating' sentences. But Gene Ovnicek is not one of these teachers. He understands that nothing is obvious to the beginner and everything needs to be explained. I have just completed one DVD, but I already see and understand the problem in my own horses hooves. And best of all, I know how to correct it. So, I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about hoof care. Gene, you rock! ~ RH

"Natural Balance Hoof Care" Education Pack (Book + 4 DVD's)


The "Natural Balance Hoof Care" Ultimate Education Pack contains the popular "Natural Balance Hoof Care" book & 4 DVD set.  The NBHC book contains everything from detailed anatomy to equine and foot biomechanics to detailed trimming and shoeing instructions.  It is used as a primary text book for several farrier schools, as well as the recommended study guide for all levels of certification with the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization.  The chapters are well organized and full of USEFUL information, yet simple and straightforward. Most of the chapters have video content included on 1 of the 4 DVD's that either compliment or add to the information in the book in a more visual medium.  The NBHC Book & DVD set is a great tool for anyone wanting to understand the equine foot better, learn the basics of hoof care and learn how to recognize & treat distortions to maintain soundness in horses. (Click HERE for More Details)


(Get even more detailed instruction in the Ultimate Education Pack which includes the NBHC Book & 4 DVD's PLUS the "Natural Balance Hoof Trimming" and "Natural Balance Shoeing" DVD sets.)

Review (5 Starts) - There is so much information


There is so much information in this pack. The book enhances the dvd's & vice versa. This pack has everything covered. No matter your learning style, this pack has you covered. ~ Wesley S.

"Natural Balance Hoof Trimming" DVD


In this video, Gene Ovnicek presents information on trimming methods to help you maintain a healthy foot in domestic horses. Gene discusses basic hoof anatomy and how it relates to the biomechanical needs of the hoof. He also discusses the importance of evaluating the environment and how it plays a role in trimming maintenance as well as in decision making when determining if individual horses can be successfully left barefoot. Gene will then demonstrate natural balance hoof trimming techniques, from how to evaluate the pre-trimmed hoof to actual trimming instructions, which will help balance the structures in the hoof for optimal function.  Whether you are a farrier looking to get first hand information on Natural Balance Hoof Care, or a concerned horse owner wanting to get a better understanding of the needs of their horse’s feet and how to assist in their maintenance, this video is a must.  (Click HERE for More Details)

"Natural Balance Shoeing" DVD


This video is designed to give individuals interest in Natural Balance some comprehensive information regarding Natural Balance hoof preparation, application of Natural Balance® Shoes, Pads and Impression Material. We will also offer some instruction for horses with mismatched feet, underrun and contracted heels, as well as horses that are base narrow or pigeon toed. Our intentions are to give you some guidelines for recognizing hoof distortions and explain how they relate to performance and lameness issues, as well as discuss possible causes for hoof distortions & how to prevent them from a simple, common sense perspective.

Natural Balance Hoof Care draws on the work of many educators, & practitioners that have contributed to the evolution of conventional farriery, as most of it fits well with the recent science and common sense approach of Natural Balance. At the same time, some of the new information covered in this video talks about load sharing, the sole callus, the importance of dirt in the foot, and why it is important for the horse to land heel first. In light of the common sense approach to hoof care that Natural Balance offers, many horses have overcome hoof distortions and lameness issues to become the champions they were destined to be. (Click HERE for More Details)

"Hoof Care Today" Info Pack


The Hoof Care Today Info Pack is a combination of 2 Basic Level information products.


"Hoof Care Today" Book  (3rd Edition formerly Titled "New Hope for Soundness")

Hoof Care Today is a helpful tool for anyone looking for solutions to unsound horses, for horse owners interested in  hoof care, or for people looking at starting a career as a hoof care provider.  This book covers a basic, common sense approach to understanding good foot function, how to read hoof distortions that can lead to lameness, basic trimming & shoeing guidelines, and an introduction to common lameness issues.  Like its predecessor “New Hope for Soundness”, this edition offers a quality foundation for understanding hoof care, without all the fluff.  Straight forward, practical, common sense hoof care! (72 Pages)


"Essential Hoof Care" DVD - A Horse Owner’s Guide to Preventing Lameness & Improving Performance. If you have heard from your vet or farrier that your horse "doesn’t grow heel", stumbles because he is lazy, over reaches or shows signs of Navicular Syndrome then you need to see this video. You’ll learn what these issues really mean and how you may be able to correct them. You’ll also learn why it is important for your horse to land heel first. The purpose of the frog and what a healthy frog looks like. How to determine the correct point of breakover for your horse, and why all of this is so important to performance, long term soundness and much, much more. (50 Minutes) 


(Click HERE for More Details, Options & Pricing)

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