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EDSS Informational & Instructional Videos

Some videos may be part of a "video series", so make sure you view all the videos in that series. (Example:  TK Slider Application 1 of 3, etc.)
Click on the YouTube logo on the bottom right of the player window to open the video in YouTube and watch it in Full Screen.

How Hoof Distortion Occurs

4 Minute Overview

Recognizing Hoof Distortions

2 Minute Overview

Laminitis First Aid

2 Minute Overview

KrosschecK™ Leverage Testing

8 Minute Overview

Understanding Laminitis Part 1 of 2

6.5 Minute Presentation

Understanding Laminitis Part 2 of 2

5.5 Minute Presentation

Laminitis First Aid - Styrofoam

10 Minute Instruction Video

Laminitis First Aid - Podiatry Pads

10.5 Minute Instruction Video

EDSS/Steward Clog Application

50 Minute Instruction Video

EZBlox - StrapOn XRay Block

5 Minute Overview

TK Slider Application Part 1 of 3

10.5 Minute Instruction Video

TK Slider Application Part 2 of 3

11.5 Minute Instruction Video

TK Slider Application Part 3 of 3

1.5 Minute Instruction Video

FREEDOM Shoe - Overview & Sample Application (15 min.)

IHCS 2019 - Educational Sponsor Lecture by Gene Ovnicek
Managing Leverage as a way to Treat Lameness & Enhance Performance (Evolution of Freedom Shoe)

Equicast Wood Shoe - Overview & Application (19 min.)

IHCS 2020 - Educational Sponsor Lecture by Sam Austin
Causes of Microbial Infections and Topical Treatment Protocols for Equine Feet

Equicast EVA/Wood Shoe - Overview & Application (25 min.)

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